Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wizard 101

Star Rating: 9.0

Wizard 101 (despite the childish commercial) is a great and fun game. It is an online game and requires a download to run it. The game is about a young wizard (you) who is journying through several worlds to defeat the main protagnist Malistaire. The gameplay is like a pokemon game. One person attacks then the other attacks ect. To attack you choose a card and select the enemy/friend you wish to direct the spell at. Some spells are spells that power up attack spells such as fireblade which powers up the next fire spell used by the person it was directed at is boosted by 35%. The attack battle field also consists of using and conserving pips. Pips are the units that are used to cast spells. more powerful spells take more pips. A pip is rewarded after every turn. If you get lucky you will get a power pip. Which counts as 2 pips twoard the school you are enrolled in. The schools are detrimined by a short quiz at the begining of the game. you get to pick clothes colors and gender. The schools are Fire, Ice, Death, Storm, Life, Myth, and Balance. In the game you will fight battles to do quests to gain experience. (exp)
This exp is used to level up resulting in more health and mana. Also the higher level you are the cooler more powerful spells you can earn. As of right now level 50 is the highest level. There has been rumor that the max level is going up to 75 but that has not yet been confirmed. Each school has it's own perks or diversity. Such as the Fire school's spells are more slow steady damage over three turns or more. Life is more about healing. Life students get the ability to heal using powerful spells to aid allies. Mana is used to cast spells s well. Although it is different than pips. Mana is like health it is stored and is depleated only by using spells that cost pips. The number of pips a spell uses that amount of mana is used as well. Mana is easily restored as well as health by collecting the blue (mana) wisps and the red (health) wisps. Not all spells work everytime. fire spells work only 75% of the time. It displayes this information on the card that you use to cast spells. You may train for mutiple schools but only fire students can learn certain fire spells. You can also take advantage of the potions. Potions instantly restore all health and mana. Use them wisely! The many people that play Wizard 101 can talk to you using the text chat or menu chat feature. Make friends and get help on hard quests. The censor on text chat is superb and no bad words are able to be used. The game is family friendly and is free. Of course to acess the more advanced places you need to subcribe (become a member) or buy crowns. Crowns are used to purchase new areas. Overall Wizard 101 is a great game and look foward to getting more information on this game in the future!

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